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offer me a flower

An award-winning novel, a spiritual love story. In this tale of romance, intrigue, and adventure, Luce, a Tucson, Arizona based counselor, embarks on a quest for the "immortal nectar." The story begins as Luce, age five, encounters first a wolf, then "the Mother," while walking down a snowy trail near her mountain cabin in Pine Hills, California. At age 27, after a wild search through the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona, Luce meets the Mother again. With the Mother as her spiritual guide, she is drawn into darkness--a world of magic, sorcery, terror, and fear--then into events of mythic proportion with her boyfriend, Sam. The Mother's teachings are woven into the tale in messages on the nature of love, suffering, conflict, choice, and the soul.


"A magical, mystical, thriller that initiates the reader into the beauty of the dark and the light. Grounded in real-life drama, each page carries wisdom and guidance for the seeker. I couldn't put it down."

--Winter Robinson, author of Intuitions: Seeing with the Heart