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 Blog Inspirations 

Tornado and Flood Crisis Response

We are all shepherds, caring for one another

The world has been witnessing devastating tornadoes in USA and debilitating floods in India. Many lives have been lost. Many homes destroyed. Food sources hard to find.


My Guru, Amma, in Amritapuri, Kerala, India, has collected tons of rice and wheat—90 tons of rice, 90 tons of wheat. Her devotees have been hand-sewing and machine stitching 300,000 bags made from old clean clothing. Someone created huge funnels that look like elephant trunks, for pouring the grains into the bags. Amma and devotees have been filling separate bags with  90 kg of rice, 90 kg wheat, and bags with sugar, salt and some chilies. 


 "Sharing about Giving," is my new blog theme. My mind was slow to catch on, but today Amma was calling out to the Western devotees to get to work on this project. Suddenly, I wondered what the Amma organizations in USA are doing to help with tornado relief.


So far I do not know, but I knew I had to do something, and they say that the pen is mightier than the sword. At 82 years old, my body cannot manage a lot of physical work. So, I write.


I write as I listen to the swishing sound of rice and wheat pouring down an elephant trunk-like funnel, into hand-made bags. Most of the bags are colorful Indian cloth, pink flowers, lovely designs.


We cannot be in India filling bags with rice and wheat for the hungry. But as individuals, we can ALL do something--no matter how large or small--right here in USA to help those devastated by tornados. Giving to one person or one family or one neighborhood is HUGE.


Find out what local group needs help. Donate to a reliable cause by giving clothing and food. Offer temporary housing. With a little research we could all give something, even if only a kind word to the grieving. Or if they do not need clothing, then ask what they would like you to purchase (usally best to avoid donating funds directly, as these have potential to have a large percentage go to administration). 


Our giving will cause hearts to be united. The human heart is vast.  No divisions exist where there is unconditional love.


There is really nothing as beautiful as giving.

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