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Vision for Sharing about Giving

Imagine thousands of sparks shooting out from Amritapuri where our Divine Mother Amma blesses all who come to Her. The act of giving arises from compassion.


Amma tells us that "spirituality begins and ends with compassion." Those who live in Amma's Amritapuri ashram in Kerala, India, often describe it as heaven on earth. From this heaven on earth, Amma's wisdom and effulgence flows out worldwide to devotees and interested souls everywhere. We can create a heaven on earth no matter where we are.


When infused with sparks of love, we often are inspired to respond by giving. The stories in "Sharing about Giving" blog will help to encourage a world culture to regain its way of living that is based on the spiritual principles of Sanatana Dharma, the Way of Eternal Truth, the path of compassion and of the unity of all beings. Sanatana Dharma recognizes that everything is permeated with God-Consciousness.


Through giving, each of us has experienced this all-pervading Divinity, even if only for seconds. The act of giving selflessly takes us out of darkness and into light. When we give, we are filled with Amma's all-encompasing, Unversal Love. The giver and the receiver become One.


In "Sharing about Giving," we tell about the kind of selfless acts that effect a positive change in an individual and thereby a change in the family, the community, the world, and in all of nature. We are all born with gifts or talents.  Our Beloved Amma inspires us to express our individual dharma, our personal pathway in harmony with the universe.Our own dharma leads us towards the Dharma of all human beings—Liberation or freedom from suffering.


Our experiences and our practices of giving are simple but fertile gifts that can inspire others. We offer many sparks from our inner wealth to help make Sanatana Dharma available to everyone. You just never know where this blog might end up, to be seen by someone who needed Amma's love in the form of devotee accounts about giving.


Stories about our spiritual journeys offer a powerful way to give—every one unique, every one according to our essence and our particular life path, our individual dharma. Our accounts arise out of our lives dedicated to a daily practice of Amma's teachings, based in kindness, compassion, and humility.


Amma has asked us to share about our weaknesses, along with our gifts. And then to describe our transformation, how it came about, and how we rose up out of darkness and into light. 


"Sharing about Giving" is about raising awareness and passing these blessings—these sparks—on to others.



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