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 Blog Inspirations 

Good Morning Sunshine

A person can't get too many of these.
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Gnarled beauty in Old Age

Seeking mystery from the depths, from the dark caves of old age.

I was inspired to approach this topic photographically after someone sent me a video of a woman in her 80's, a model, showing many views of the woman's plastic face, the many layers of plastic surgery, in a futile effort to preserve what was impossible to recover on a physical level. Youth.

Youth is an inner experience when you grow old. It can be seen the sparkle of the eyes, in the joy of laughter, in the silence of contemplation.  Read More 
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Foggy Morning

At the end of Wonderland Trail, in the land of the pointed pines.
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From my balcony
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Tide Pool

Today is the Full Moon. The tide has just started flowing into Norwood Cove. In a couple of hours this little tide pool will be submerged under water.
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A fairy house in the woods

On this same Full Moon day, I came upon this little fairy house that someone had built, little stepping stones leading into it.
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Photographed from the back lawn
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Forest being

A woodland friend
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Stone table

Pine petals left over from squirrel's meal.
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