The Sophia Secrets

The story of an elder seeking enlightenment, with all the exciting obstacles along the way, including romance and helping a drug-troubled grandson.

The Path of the Mother

With the Divine Guidance of the Holy Mother Amma


Love just happens...Love is a sudden uprising in the heart. Love is an unavoidable, unobstructable longing for oneness. --Amma.

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Savitri and an Irish Oak Tree

For the lover to wholeheartedly receive and welcome the beloved, pure love prepares the mind by chasing away all the enemies of love. This results in a constant flow of the lover's heart toward the beloved. --Amma

Selected Works & Editorial Services

Editorial Services
Are you writing a book or a magazine article? A musical? Do you need help with your story-line? Your character development? Would you like a little coaching on creative writing skills? Fiction or creative non-fiction--I'd love to work with you.
A six-stage journey with the Great Mother, framed by Savitri Bess's own years of devotion to the Hindu mystic Ammachi (Mata Amritanandamayi).
A coming of old age story. A magical realism novel of mystery, romance, goddesses set in the village of Southwest Harbor, on the coast of "Downeast" Maine.
Adventure, romance, in the tradition of quest literature. A fast-paced story set in the Sonoran Desert where coyotes play a magical role.
Magazine Articles
An astrological study using mythology as metaphor
handmade books
Hickory Stroogle, a fantasy story set on an island in the Hebrides (long before the islands were known by that name).

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