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Spirit Tapestries Gallery

Fiber Arts by Savitri

"Ganesha," remover of obstacles and giver of happiness
"Dreaming of the Winged Unicorn" 44" x 42" Wool on cotton warp
"Devi Lingam" 20 1/2 " x 38" Wool/mohair blend on linen warp
"Puja" 20 1/2 " x 28" wool/mohair blend on linen warp
From Mask Series, "Medusa," 18" x 22", rabbit skin, wool, snake skin, tapestry/crochet, assemblage

Mask Series, "Pele," 23" x 23" deer skin, rabbit fur, wool, tapestry/crochet, assemblage
Mask Series, "Kali," 22" x 21" Rabbit skin, wool, bone, tapestry/crochet, assemblage
"Unicorn" SOLD
"Timothy's Hawk" SOLD
"Temple Tiger and Cub" SOLD
"Hanuman" SOLD
"Montana Dolphin" SOLD