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Impeachment Musings

The Battle Between the Gods and the Demons

I'm am profoundly puzzled. I've been puzzled for a long time about the state of our country and our elected president. How is it that the Republicans so strongly defend a man who lies regularly, who wants to run the country as a one-man band, who shames people (who oppose his ideas) into silence by his tweets. Our president rules his kingdom by tweets and his subjects jump to do his bidding for fear of a negative tweet. Imagine! 


It was Maria Yovanovitch's impeachment hearing testimony on November 15, 2019, that caused me to probe more deeply into the question of why.


I was astonished to learn that the US State Department was afraid to receive a tweet from Donald Trump, should they dare to defend the former Ambassador to Ukraine, Maria Yovanovtich. Amabassador Yovanovitch, 33 years in USA diplomatic service, is held in high regard by all who know her or of her; she has received many awards for her outstanding service to our country. 


All three diplomats intimately involved in the recent Ukraine saga, testified their facts with dignity and professionalism, non-partisan views. Maria Yovanovitch, whom Trump recalled from her position as Ambassador to Ukraine, provided a poignant, heart-felt, and riveting account before Congress. 


Fox News demeaned Maria Yovanovitch. The news station showed a one-minute clip out of the five hours of the former Ambassador's stellar testimony delivered in an even-tempered manner and with utter clarity.  In the Fox News one-minute clip we see Yovanovitch beautifully allowing her emotions to show when the good Congresswoman from Alabama (Terri Sewell), asked the Ambassdor how this all was affecting her family. Fox News commentator concluded that Yovanovitch's five-hour testimony was like psychological therapy. I was stunned by Fox's lack of perception.


To get a deeper understanding, let's have a look at the age-old archetype of the battle between good and evil. 


The following mythological tale might help give a universal view of the impeachment situation: the Indian story of the Churning of the Milk of the Ocean of Creation. 


To make a long story short (these myths can get complicated), the demons and the gods were working together churning the milk ocean, creating our world as we know it. At some point towards the end of the creation process, the demons stole the nectar of immortality (which they had agreed would be shared--go figure!). You can guess what happened--the gods went after the the demons and fought to regain the nectar of immortality (the good stuff). 


In the battles between gods and demons, the gods always win in the end. But it's touch and go, and can be terrifying. We can fear that all will be destroyed.


The gods recovered the nectar, but we know the demons are going to plot to get it back again. That's just the way it works between gods and demons. We have to be vigilant. Otherwise the whole of creation goes whacko and out of balance. 


An Indian saint once said, that without the struggle of the opposites, there would be no creation. We all play our parts. 


The creation myth, and the victory of the gods, assured me that righteousness and honor and integrity will win out in the end. Even with the present-day case of the battle between the Democrats and the Republicans. 


For me the Democrats represent the gods at this stage in time. Why? Because Republicans, by virtue of their undying support and defence of the president of the USA (who lies and bullies, and has no moral compass), represent the demons right now. The Democrats are fighting to regain the nectar, the moral compass of our country. 


Anytime you have the president of any country fighting for his own personal gain and benefit, by definition he represents the demons. Sorry folks--that's just the way it is. It is well-known that an effective president sacrifices personal interest and gain for the well-being of the people.  


And don't forget to look at the battle between the gods and the demons within. An essential part of the process of making sure the gods are victorious.



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