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Musings on the Zodiac

Mercury All-Over-the-Place Retrograde. Who IS He Anyway?

Mercury with Caduceus.



No matter what sign you are, you have been most probably affected by the recent Mercury Retrograde, the effects of which are not entirely over until April 5.


These disruptions in your life can include anything from mechanical breakdowns (cars and computers) to miscommunications or disrupted communications. Sometimes if you start something during Mercury retrograde it will come right back at you, rather like a boomerang.


His wings on his feet seem to fail him when he is going in reverse. 


He rules Gemini and Virgo and if strong in your chart, he helps you excel in examining, researching, and sorting out details. You tend to carry on ad infinitum cataloguing, arranging, and figuring out why things are the way they are and how they fit into the scheme of things. You might love to study, from the most obscure of topics to the most mundane, anything that holds your interest. You might also be a healer. 


Who IS this Winged Messenger?


Hermes or Mercury (Roman version), is depicted carrying a magic wand given to him by Apollo. A Caduceus encircled with two intertwined snakes with two outspread wings at the top. Quicksilver Mercury, with his winged feet, flies around delivering messages. And sometimes he plays tricks (Mercury Retrograde anyone?). Even when moving direct, Mercury plays tricks. 


According to legend, when Hermes threw his staff at two fighting serpents the creatures stopped biting each other and wound themselves around his staff. And so his staff also became associated with peace.



A Connection to Kundalini Shakti.


Who'd have known that the Caduceus symbolizes the spinal column, the central channel for the flow of psychic force or nerve energy, which brings to life to the entire body. . .In the Indian (Hindu) system the snake or Kundalini lies coiled at the base of the spine and when awakened rises upwards along the spinal column. A person with an awakened Kundalini becomes wise and is one with the universe. The places where the snakes cross on the Caduceus represent the spinal energy centers, the same as the chakras.


Mercury will be close at hand if you are a healer who works with energy fields. Or you teach or practice a style of yoga that focuses on the energy centers or chakras. To meditate well, you consciously or unconsciously harness the energy fields of the body and connect them to the outer realms.


The power of oratory or singing comes from the magic of connecting with all the nerve centers, and moving the energy up the spine to your throat, the center of communication.  If you are a high public official you will draw upon the powers of the nerve centers popularize ways to benefit the world.


If you are operating on the highest levels you draw on the power of the Caduceus of Mercury as well as his enchanting skill with communication.


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