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Impeachment Musings

The Eighth Secret

For many days you’ve been making your way through the forest brambles, following the stream as it flows gently downwards. Now the trees thin out and you can see grassy green hills dotted with oak trees, not far away. With the sun high in the sky, you emerge out of the forest into a little valley.

In the distance you see a boy with a staff and goats all around, some goats drinking from the stream, some eating grass, some just wandering around. The boy’s black and white dog spots you and comes running in leaps and bounds. The boy calls the dog and the dog immediately lies down in the grass, not far from you. Wagging his tail and smiling the way dogs can smile.

You and the boy offer to share food. Sitting under a broad old oak tree, you pull dried rabbit and mushrooms out of your pouch, and he goat cheese and flat bread, tastes that delight your senses.

After an afternoon of getting to know each other, you accept when he asks for your help for the next weeks. His sister has had to return to their village to help their mother who is pregnant again. You’re not sure what kind of help he needs, but you are willing.

Over the last year, you’d not seen much of the stars, only a few shining through the forest canopy. Now on your first night out in the open, on a hill above the valley, you are filled with awe as the stars begin to come out, your whole being tingling at the sight, the vastness of it.

As the campfire dims into coals, the boy tells you stories about the beings in the sky. Over the next several days you learn to recognize their shapes and the ways they move across the sky during the night and how each being is connected to the others. He also tells you about the celestial beings you cannot see and outlines them for you during the day, using a stick and drawing their star maps in the dirt.

While you'd had some inkling about this, but mostly had thought it bunk, you are astonished to learn the depth with which you can know the character and destiny of a person by the positions of the beings in the sky at the time of your birth. And you can know something of the past and future as well. The boy teaches you about all of these wonders.

After a few weeks pass, you take note that the sister has not returned. Two full moons have come and gone. The boy one day admits that she will not return for several months. He'd like you to stay. You are thrilled to spend more time with this boy who has taught you all about goats, all about the weather and how to predict it, all about the wild animals who live nearby, and all about the black and white dog that keeps the humans company and helps keep the goats safe.

You are excited beyond measure to learn more star wisdom from this boy.

“Evening Star who gathers everything
Shining dawn scattered—
You bring the sheep and the goats,
You bring the child back to its mother.”
—Sappho  Read More 
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The Seventh Secret

Your forest retreat is now surrounded with creations put together from objects you’ve found in nature. You’ve made instruments out of stone and wood. You’ve learned to snare rabbits and have made garments for yourself out of the skins and eaten the meat cooked over your outdoor fire. You’ve also used the skins to create a comfortable bed inside your tree shelter.

You’ve spent a year in the woods and have a notebook full of dreams and entries about your experiences and new understandings about yourself. Say nothing of knowledge about plants and herbs that you gathered, a knowledge gained by meditating on them and receiving messages concerning their use.

You feel satisfied and full, with a positive sense of yourself and a feeling of empowerment that you’d never known before.

It’s time to leave, to continue your journey.

Since you do not know the way out of the woods, you will follow the stream, knowing that it is bound to reach a lake or a village, or discover more mysteries.

“My place is placeless, a trace
of the traceless. Neither body or soul.
I belong to the beloved, have seen the two
worlds as one ….”
—Rumi Read More 
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The Sixth Secret

Look back at the previous secrets to find the secret within the secret.

Tell me what you find.

“Spirit has two aspects: measurable, immeasurable; mortal, immortal; stable, unstable; graspable, ungraspable.”

--Famous Debates in the Forest (Brihadaranyaka-Upanishad)
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