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Impeachment Musings

The First Secret

The first secret lies in the dream. It can be any kind of dream—day or night, mental or visual or auditory. For Anne Demaree, the protagonist in The Sophia Secrets, it is a night dream of a dark woman with tangled black hair, dancing, terrifying. Over and over again Anne wakes up with this dream.

When a dream persists, you know it’s important.

Or, when a single dream is so numinous you can never forget it, you know it has a life-changing message you will not be able to ignore. In either case, you know you must unlock its key. You know you must give up everything to follow it. Each step along the way is its treasure.

The dream delivers the first secret on the journey. A passionate search, with many fascinating and exciting riddles to solve. Only you will know how to unlock the secret of the dream. No one else can tell you what it means. At the same time, others you love and respect can help you decipher it. But only you will know its deepest meaning, in a full body hum of knowing.

Draw it. Paint it. Dance it. Walk it. Talk to it. Write to it. Love it. Believe in it. Follow it. Put a painting of it on your altar. Let the message come to you.

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The secrets

The secrets will begin revealing themselves in a few days.
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