a journey to Ireland

Fabric for Fairy Garments

September 23, 2016

On the trail where I walk almost daily, I find little fairy houses (see one below). First it was one. Then another and another. Sometimes one get a new dress or a new front door. I figured they make their clothes from this lace lichen


September 12, 2016

Simplicity. Beauty. All-pervading spirit in all things.

Another Fairy House

September 8, 2016

Check out the second story of this elaborate fairy house, built along a woodland trail

Selected Works

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Are you writing a book or a magazine article? A musical? Do you need help with your story-line? Your character development? Would you like a little coaching on creative writing skills? Fiction or creative non-fiction--I'd love to work with you.
A six-stage journey with the Great Mother, framed by Savitri Bess's own years of devotion to the Hindu mystic Ammachi (Mata Amritanandamayi).
A coming of old age story. A magical realism novel of mystery, romance, goddesses set in the village of Southwest Harbor, on the coast of "Downeast" Maine.
Adventure, romance, in the tradition of quest literature. A fast-paced story set in the Sonoran Desert where coyotes play a magical role.
Magazine Articles
An astrological study using mythology as metaphor
handmade books
Hickory Stroogle, a fantasy story set on an island in the Hebrides (long before the islands were known by that name).

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