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Editorial Services

Are you writing a book or a magazine article? A musical? Do you need help with your story-line? Your character development? Would you like a little coaching on creative writing skills? Fiction or creative non-fiction--I'd love to work with you.

To begin, I would cast your astrological chart (included), to learn about your talents and strengths, and to help you delve more deeply into your project. I'll also take note to see if my chart matches well with yours, giving us a clue into the nature of our journey as we work together.

How will you accomplish what you want? To this very important end, once we decide to work together, we will discuss your project and your dreams about it.

I'd enjoy hearing from you. There is no fee for our first hour, which would include me casting your chart and you giving me a brief view of your project.

You may use the "Contact" page for emailing me.


"My musical had bumps and glitches. Some I hadn't realised and some I was at a loss to resolve, leaving my musical at an absolute stalemate. By what can only be described as divine intervention I came across Savitri. She quickly won my trust and admiration through her gentle yet 'direct' approach. Because of her practical and evocative advice, after every correspondence I felt revived and excited to further my project. Savitri truly has a gift and I feel utterly blessed to be working with her. If a forest were made of words, Savitri has taken me to the woods were the wild flowers grow."

Martina Keane, singer/songwriter,

"Savitri was a miracle worker when I was writing the content for my first website! I may still be stuck if not for her thoughtful approach and ability to ask me questions and help refine my answers into useful and coherent information. She was always considerate in offering her suggestions which I appreciated greatly. I am grateful to Savitri for making that experience more fluid and rewarding than I thought it ever could be."

Hayley Merchant, Living Wellness and Certified Barbara Brennan Practitioner
Southwest Harbor, Maine

"Savitri has helped me several times with my writing skills through the years. I value her input. She also wrote a short review for my memoir The Song I Hear that I liked and have used in marketing the book. It was a lively, accurate synopsis that I felt would be attracting to readers as well."

Alana Woods, musician
New Mexico