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Musings on the Zodiac            

Stone Beings

When you see them, they come alive again, emerging from the stone where they have been hiding since ancient times.
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Glashedy Island from the castle, Inishowen

Carrickabraghy Castle on the Isle of Doagh, Inishowen.

If you could swim out there, you would. You are compelled. The magic pulls like a giant magnet. The cliffs are high, the tide is strong, the bright blue of the waters swirl around the stones and the cliff, splashing, daring you to make the leap,daring you to know you could if you believed you could. You believe in a time far away and long ago, that opens a space into the present, but for seconds only. You'd have to jump really fast and believe the Ones would take you there.  Read More 
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Secret Pathway To the Stone Beings, Isle of Doagh

You have to know it's here. You have to trust that you've taken the right road to go down. You can hear the waves and smell the sea. Tiny birds call in high warbling notes, nesting in the long grasses as you pass along the way that you believe will lead you to the shore, and the stone beings that you don't realize you are about to discover.  Read More 
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Chanting Stone Beings

You can hear the low rumble, almost like Tibetan Chanting, but more soft, deep almost lower than the range of hearing. Accompanied by the sound of water rippling and splashing gently, gurgling in and out among the stones.
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One of several trolls who guard the pathway down to the Trawbreaga Bay Strand on Isle of Doagh, Inishowen
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The day after Christmas

More reflections. Along Ship Harbor Trail in Acadia National Park on a moody day, with temps in the 20's.
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Birch on Echo Lake

Sill waters creating mirror reflection on Echo Lake
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The Wild Atlantic Way

Rainy day at the beach in Inishowen, Ireland
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Stone Being

When I took the shot I was attracted by all the textures. Then later, I saw an image carved there by nature. Or perhaps the stone being emerging into view.
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Fabric for Fairy Garments

On the trail where I walk almost daily, I find little fairy houses (see one below). First it was one. Then another and another. Sometimes one get a new dress or a new front door. I figured they make their clothes from this lace lichen
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