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Impeachment Musings

Saving the Ocean of Creation by Swallowing the Poison

While watching Ambassador Sondland's long and drawn-out, self-aggrandizing introduction to his testimony, laced with hubris--I guess those two words mean the same thing--I'd have to say I'll opt for the summary reviews, to get to the gist of his report. He did clearly testify that there was a quid pro quo. At least he managed that. 


I'm happy to say, I did find the perfect metaphor in the myth of the churning of the ocean of milk creation myth. 


Among all the items listed in the creation results--a splendid moon, divine nymphs, sparkling gems, a spectacular horse, an amazing elephant, and more--I found a couple of wonderfully demon-like negative items that inevitably show up as part of creation. This is our universe, after all, and creation contains all possbilities. Negative and positive. Wise ones tell us that it is best when positive outweighs negative, as a way to maintain balance. 


Two of the items on the negative or demon end of the creation story, are Jeystha, the goddess of misfortune and Halahala, the poison that spilled out of the churning device's (snake's) mouth.


(I'd not mentioned in my previous post, for the sake of economy of words, that the demons and the gods held opposite ends of a giant and most beautiful snake, Vasuki, to churn the ocean of milk. Said snake vomited poison which threatened the entire ocean of milk. Lord Shiva saved the day by drinking the toxin and holding it in his neck, which is why his neck is blue to this day).


Halahala is one of those marvelous words that doesn't need defining. Onomatopoeia. We don't need to know it means poison.  Halahala. 


I believe.....I believe.....Yes, we must bu-leeve! I believe we have an equivalent to resolving the poison issue, and stopping it from infecting the entire ocean of creation (in this case, these United States of America). In the myth's case, it was Lord Shiva who swallowed the lethal stuff and kept it in his throat. 


From my view there are those who have testified thus far, who have been willing to "swallow" our president's poison for the sake of preserving moral compass of our democracy.


These noble souls are: Ambassador Taylor, former Ambassador Yovanovitch, and Lt. Col. Vindman. Other testimonies corroborate and were delivered bravely, but I found these three I've named to be stellar. I felt inspired by them, with a sense of hope that justice would prevail. That it would be possible to do away with the corruption of many of our elected officials. 

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