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Musings on the Zodiac

We're in Taurus Now and Here's the Scoop on Your Archetype



The Archetype of the Earth Goddess

Earthy and sensual Taurus, ruled by incomparable Venus, with the mystical Moon as your exalted ruler. You are the embodiment of love and beauty and pleasure; the nurturing of the Earth and all its beings lies deep within your nature.


You will love to grow flowers and arrange them in lush profusion all over your house. If invited to dinner, you will come bearing flowers or cakes or freshly baked bread. Your vegetable garden is so full that you provide a cornucopia of offerings on your table and for the table of others. Your cellar or kitchen closet is jammed-packed with canned fruits and vegetables, and your freezer, too. If a friend is ill, you will be the first to volunteer to care for them, and you'll greet them with a long and warm full-body hug.


As a child you likely enjoyed little soft animals to care for, such as bunnies, puppies, or baby ducklings. You probably loved playing in the fields, rolling down hills with your friends, and picking wild-flowers to give to a childhood sweetheart. Playing on the muddy banks of rivers or lakes, digging into soil, forming images out of mud, building castles, watching things grow. Growing your own vegetable and flower garden. And you might have cared for a favorite doll, you as its loving mother.


You are likely to be curvaceous and even voluptuous in the same way as the countless goddess figurines found in archeological sites all over Europe.


Your sensual nature will lure you easily into physical love. You are seduced by objects of beauty, and will surround yourself with all manner of shapes, forms, textures, and colors—paintings, sculptures, rocks, shells, drift wood—that appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities. Your home will feel inviting and warm. Your kitchen will allure all who visit with smells of cooking aromas.

You are creative and deeply intuitive.


Gaia, a Greek deity, gave birth to the Earth. In the grand scheme of our earthly world, the Age of Taurus (about 4,000 B.C to 2,000 B.C.), was a matriarchal culture, a time of goddess worship. The golden calf was an object of Mother worship. 


After the Age of Taurus, at the beginning of the Age of Aries the Ram (Biblical times), an edict went out that Goddess devotees were prohibited from worshipping their primary goddess image--the Taurus bull. In those days and long after, we in the Western world left behind our connection to the Earth Goddess, and worship of God as woman.


But you cannot get rid of an archetype and so she lives forever with us, and emerging from her secondary position to take government roles, heads of charity roles, professors, doctors, lawyers, an abundance of women rising to offer nurturing to the world. Additionally, goddess-worshipping paganism has been in revival for many years.


Earth Goddess Demeter presides over the fertility of the earth, assuring that plants grow according to season, that the harvest is plentiful, and that people and animals are in love and coupling. She teaches humans how to sow and cultivate grains. Demeter nurtures the plants as they grow into maturity.


But, horror of horrors, Demeter's daughter Persephone gets abducted by Pluto/Hades. Demeter falls into despair and the earth goes dry. 


Needless to say, drastic measures had to be taken to raise Demeter out of her depression. A wise person invited Baubo to entertain Demeter. (Baubo is also known as the "female fool" and prominent in the Eleusinian mysteries.) Several goddess friends join the party to cheer up Demeter. The women and Baubo sit in a circle around Demeter, chatting and gossiping.


Baubo tells a bawdy joke that makes Demeter smile. The goddesses begin to dance around and around Demeter to the beat of lively drums and lyres. Baubo stops in front of Demeter, gives her a cheeky smile, and then throws her skirts over her head, revealing her nude self. Demeter falls into gales of laughter.


Now with her spirit restored, Demeter persuades her brother Zeus to convince Hades to release Persephone during planting, growing and harvest season. The rest of the time Persephone has decided she likes her new Underworld husband, and serves now is Queen of the Underworld. Earth Mother Demeter is happy once again, and with Persephone's help, makes sure the earth to flourish once again.

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